Potential customers constantly ask us how different our company is when compared to any other auto leasing provider in the city. While the list of reasons for this question is endless, the main difference between us and any other service provider is the fact that we value our customers more than our profits, that is, despite being a profit-oriented company. Your opinions, suggestions and requirements matters a great deal to us. You can contact us any time for any help regarding auto leasing, even if you do not have a deal or agreement with our company anymore. We have a list of services that makes our customers’ auto leasing experience an easy and convenient one.

For example, we offer lease transfer services. If you are pulling out of the deal due to personal reasons, this service will transfer your car lease to another individual. If you are unable to find a person who shares similar tastes, we can easily do that for you. This service enables us to maintain and balance our income while ensuring that our customers do not feel bad about terminating the lease half-way through.

Knowledgeable Employees

The call centre staff at Car Lease New York City is skilled to the highest possible level. They are thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. This is not only because they work there, but also because they are genuinely interested in the automobile industry. This passion for cars encourages them to be informed about the developments and changes in the world of cars. This enables them to up updated and informative about the industry. So be assured since all your questions will be accurately answered.

Another redeeming quality of our employees is the fact that they are customer-friendly. They are capable of having pleasant conversations while maintaining a level of proficiency. If you hate listening to the endless blabbering of sales staff, you will highly appreciate the way our team works. They will not interrupt you or talk endlessly which is a common experience people deal with at car dealerships. They will not input their personal prejudices and let them influence your buying decision. Moreover, you will not be subjected to any type of discrimination based on your race, gender, personality, nationality or even financial status.

Inspections and Test Drives

It is very important to ensure that the vehicle you lease is worth what you are paying for. This best way to assure this is to conduct a vehicle inspection or do test drives. This is especially important in the case of an online agency since they do not have physical outlets through which you can inspect the car. Doing so will enable you to understand the true condition of the car and also realize whether it is suitable for you or not. This will prevent you from making the wrong purchase decision. If you want to inspect our cars, we will not take it as a matter of distrust or insult. Instead, we would definitely appreciate your vigilance. Call us on 212-404-8223 and book a date and time now to get a closer look.